Post Webquest

A. Go to this website and view the exhibition on hidden children…

On a sheet of paper, as you go through the exhibition, write

down the names and stories of two individuals featured

in the exhibition. Record as many details as you

can about them, including country of origin, where

they hid, how they hid, amount of time in hiding.


B. Pick one of the

individuals that you recorded information about

while in the exhibition. While he or she was in hiding,

what was happening to the Jews in that country

who did not go into hiding? Do some research to

find out more about the larger situation in that particular

country. The Web site of the United States

Holocaust Memorial Museum is a good place to

begin. Then, create a timeline that chronicles Nazi

policies against the Jews in that country. Begin your

timeline from the date when the German authorities

gained control of that country and continue it until

the time when they were defeated or driven out.

At what point did your individual go into hiding?

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